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Haweswater Aqueduct

Haweswater Aqueduct

Specialist drilling contractor GeoDrill was delighted to be appointed by Soil Engineering to assist with United Utilities (UU) Haweswater Resilience Project

As a specialist drilling contractor GeoDrill was delighted to of been appointed by Soil Engineering to assist them with United Utilities (UU) extensive ground investigation works for the Haweswater Resilience Project (HARP) – a £1bn project that will take around 10 years to complete, project HARP is UU’s single largest project in a generation.

The existing Haweswater Aqueduct is a major feat of engineering built between 1933 and 1955. For the last 60 years it continues to serve approximately 2.5 million people in Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester with clean water. After several outages and inspections the existing aqueduct has, in sections, come to the end of its design life and a new improved structure is required to continue carrying fresh water to millions of people in the North of England for generations to come.

The boreholes were drilled using Geobore S wireline coring method to depths up to 150m where class 1 core samples were carefully extruded for logging and testing, a range of in-hole testing including packer tests and high-pressure dilatometer tests (HPD) were conducted, on completion the boreholes were installed vibrating wire piezometers (VWP).

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